The Anatomy Department is an active Pre-Clinical Department which aims at providing comprehensive knowledge of the gross and microscopic structure and development of human body to provide a basis for understanding the clinical correlation of organs or structures involved and the anatomical basis for the disease presentations.  Under the guidance of the Anatomy department, students learn about the Human Anatomy through cadaveric dissection and histology. It teaches them about the different details of human Embryology and Genetics.

Sub-sections of Anatomy Department

  1. Gross Anatomy
  2. Histology
  3. Embryology
  4. Neuro-Anatomy
  5. Radiological Anatomy
  6. Living Anatomy



 In the Department of Human Anatomy we have an experienced expertise for teaching undergraduate students. The faculty & Staff are well-experienced and provide conceptual teaching and training to the students. The department of Human Anatomy at GMC Ambikapur provided some other facilities which are enlisted below:-

  1. Lecture Hall:- Lectures are taken in lecture hall which help to focus the attention of large group of students on a lecture given by faculties. The lecture hall of GMC Ambikapur is well equipped with modern aids like LCD projector with screen etc as per norms of medical council of India. Lecture hall are well illuminated and designed spaciously to accommodate 100-120 students at a time.
  2. Dissection Hall: Dissection hall  is well illuminated, cross ventilated with adequate exhaust fans.  D.H. having following facilities
  1. Separate lockers for students,
  2. 10 Wash basins
  3. Mortuary cooler
  4. Meat cutting machine
  5. Large and small stain less steel table
  6. Stool for sitting of students
  7. Displayed charts, diagrams, models for reference of students
  8. Cadavers for the dissection and study of macroscopic anatomy

3. Embalming room having 2 embalming machine for embalming of cadavers used for teaching, research and funeral embalming. 2      Large tanks for storage of cadavers. One Mortuary cooler with 4 bodies storage capacity.

4. Histology Lab:- The histology laboratory is just adjacent to the dissection hall and it is facilitated with  adequate light source, water tapes, sinks ,electric points and other equipment. We provide separate teaching and practical facility of microscopic anatomy  in this lab. Each Student is provided with a separate Binocular microscope under proper guidance of faculty which helps the Students for better learn. Preparation room and research lab lies between the D.H and Histology lab which are well equipped as per norms of medical council of India.

5. Department Library:–  There are adequate latest books and journals for reference of faculty and students as per norms of medical council of India. Every student made to visit the library section for proper learning of the subject. Its having 15-20 sitting capacity with library almirah.

6. Museum: Museum provided with racks and shelves for storing and display of wet specimens ,dry specimens, embryology models, displayed charts, x-rays film ,CT scan film etc. We have a section for radiology and histology facilitated with x-rays views box and Binocular microscope. Museum of GMC Ambikapur having adequate sitting capacity for 25 students

7. Demonstration Room: Department has 02 separate demo room for demonstration of the students. Demonstration room having adequate capacity for sitting of 50 students with white board teaching facility

8. Staff Block : Department of Anatomy having a well furnished staff block for Head of the department & faculty



In short span of establishment of GMC ambikapur, Anatomy department was able well establish the department to train MBBS 1st yr student and also B.Sc nursing students from Government Nursing College, ambikapur in the subject of human anatomy so that they have a clear concept of the subject.




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 In future we would like to establish a following centre for the development of students, patients and population of states and country which are enlisted below:-

  • Centre for diagnosis in genetic disorder
  • Start Postgraduate MD Anatomy course in the department
  • To conduct a national level conference in department of anatomy
  • Centre for conducting cadaveric workshop for different specialties
  • Expand and maintain Human anatomy museum for all
  • eLearning facility for students with high speed local area network



Name Dr. Ranjana Singh Arya
Designation Professor & HOD
Qualification MBBS, MS. (Anatomy) 
Contact No. +91-9424152635 
Email ID