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The Department of General Medicine was established in September 2016, along with the commencement of Government Medical College, Ambikapur. Department of Medicine is 120 beded department which is armed with 6 beded medical  ICU and 5 beded ICCU. The department is providing comprehensive health care to male and female above 14 yrs of age through daily OPD, special investigation like Electrocardiography, , TMT & Hemodialysis and 24 hrs emergency with special attention to high risk patients. We keep abreast ourselves with new diagnosis and therapeutic techniques & make them available to the patients.



  1. Intensive Cardiac Care Unit : 5 bedded ICCU is equipped with all modern facilities like Ventilators, Multipara Monitors, Defibrillators, Electrocardiograms, Nebulizers, Oxygen and suction facilities etc. for management of critical ill cardiac patients.
  2. Medial ICU : A new Medical ICU has been established to take care of critically ill patients like Poisoning, Snake Bite, Scorpion Sting and Stroke etc. with facilities of Multipara Monitors, Central Oxygen , Suction, Ventilator, Pulse oxymeters etc. 
  3. Isolation Ward : A ward consisting of 10 beds has been established to take care of patients like Gastroenteritis, Tetanus, Rabies and other infectious disease. 
  4. Male and Female Medical Ward : 50  beded each. 
  5. ART Centre : Patients of HIV positive are counseled in presence of Nodal Officer and Medical Officer in Charge.                                                          All HIV positive patients receive medicine supplied by NACO (Free of cost).                                                                                                                CD4 count machine working for deciding the treatment line of various categories of patients.                                                                                        HIV positive patients and family members are being counseled regularly.
  1. Out Patient (OPD) Service :                                                                                                                                                                                              Location: Room no. 5                                                                                                                                                                                                  Timing: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.                                                                                                                                                                                              The outpatient clinic is conducted daily from Monday to Saturday; each unit consults two days in a week.
  1. Hemodialysis : 2 Sets of well equipped haemodialysis machine for RRT.
  2. We are running parallel a geriatric OPD.
  3. NCD Clinic : We are operating non communicable disease clinic, where we provid free sugar checkup & distribute medicine for diabetes & hypertension.
  4. Along with medical OPD we are having other subspecialist facility like:-

              A) Dermatology & STD Clinic.

              B) Psychiatry OPD.

              C) Chest & TB OPD:- 1) Full diagnostic facility for TB clinic sputum, X.ray & CBNAAT

                                                  2) Providing Free ATT drug.

                                                  3) Along with 10 beded MDR wards


Equipment Available in The Department :
       1. Ventilators.
       2. Multipara Monitors.
       3. Syringe Pumps.
       4. Electrocardiographs.
       5. Defibrillators.
       6. TMT.
       7. Pulse oxymeters.
       8. Nebulizers.
       9. Hemodialysis Machine.


Publication & Research– 06 Research paper published in department of medicine.


Future Plans

  • To establishment of ultra modern facility like UGI endoscopy, echocardiography, holter, electroencephalogram,
  • To start post graduate course in general medicine.
  • To operate super specialty clinic
  • To start research center for the faculties & students.
  • To start preventive clinic.
  • To start yoga & meditation center for patients.
  • To establish highest standard for the students as to they become not only a great doctor but also good human being for the society.
  • To uplift the all basic amentites for the patients so that they can get maximum benefit.


Course :

MBBS : 100 students per year.



Name Dr. Gopal Singh Kanwar
Designation Associate Professor & HOD
Qualification MBBS, MD. (Medicine) 
Contact No. +91-9827195979 
Email ID  drgopalskanwar@rediffmail.com