The Department of Human Physiology was established in September 2016, along with the commencement of Government Medical College, Ambikapur. Human Physiology deals with specific characteristics & mechanism of Human Body that make it a living being. Physiology tests how organs & system within the body work, how they communicate and how they combine their effects to make conditions favorable for survival.



Department has 4 laboratories i.e. Hematology, Clinical Physiology, Amphibian & Mammalian labs. Each lab can accommodate 50 students at a time. Departmental library is well equipped with over 80 books. Department aims for the purpose of knowledge & skill development of Teaching Faculty, Non-Teaching Faculty as well as students.

(A) Facilities for Teaching Faculty –

  • Group discussion on clinically significant article.
  • Microteaching session & seminars for integrated knowledge of teaching methods and subject.
  • Journal Club – discussion on National & Indexed journals.


(B) Demonstration sessions for non-teaching staff of department-

  • Demonstration of instruments to be handled in lab.
  • Maintenance of various lab instruments.


(C) For MBBS Students

  • Student seminar & tutorial.
  • Problem based learning (PBL).
  • Physiology quiz competition.

(D) For Faculty Knowledge & Skill Development of GMC Ambikapur.

  • CME
  • Workshops


Publication & Research

1- Dr. Alakh Ram Verma

S.N. Research Paper Name of the Journal
1 Role of serum selenium, a micronutrient, on male infertility. International Journal of Basic & Applied Physiology
2 Alteration of autonomic function is associated with disease severity in patients with bronchial asthma. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Physiology
3 A Study of prevalence of iodine deficiency disorders among 6-12 years children of Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh International Journal of Health Sciences & Research
4 Evolution of cold chain and logistic management practice in Durg district of Chhattisgarh : pointer from central India International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health


Maternal Vitamin A Status in Intrauterine growth retarded babies Asian Journal & Medical Sciences


2 – Dr. Manish Goyal

S.N. Research Paper Name of the Journal
1 To compare the pulmonary Function tests in different phases of menstrual cycle Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences (SJAMS)
2 Effect of different phases of menstrual cycle on lung function in young girls of 18-24 years age International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences
3 Correlation of cardiovascular Autonomic Dysfunction with increased duration of Asthma in Gwalior Region International Journal of Applied Research
4 An assessment of lung functions in relation to body surface area Research Journal of  Pharmacology & Pharmacodynamics
5 A study to assess prevalence of blood groups in II semester medical students of G.R. Medical College Gwalior MP, India International Journal of Research in Health Sciences
6 A study to assess a wariness regarding eye donation among post graduate medical students admitted through NEET pre PG 2014 of Gajra Raja Medical College Gwalior, M.P., India International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences
7 Efficacy of chest physiotherapy & incentive spirometry on pulmonary function in post operative period after abdominal surgery; A comparative study International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Science
8 A study to assess prevalence of obesity among medical students of G.R. Medical College, Gwalior, M.P., India International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences


Future Plans

To establish Neurophysiology laboratory in the department including EEG, VEP, BERA, Nerve conduction velocity facilities.


Course –

MBBS, Basic Physiology Course


Name Dr. Alakh Ram Verma
Designation Associate Professor & HOD
Qualification MBBS, MD. (Physiology) 
Contact No. +91-9926177893 
Email ID